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Mayya Glushankova (CAS '10)
Transformation Tutoring
Deals Lobster

Tausha Cowan (CAS ’07)

Tatyana Polyak
(GSAS '96)

Jill Hamilton (GSAS '00)


Amanda Cohen (CAS '95)

Dev Chatterjee (Stern '08)


Dena (Glanz) Price

Judy Umlas (Heights '70)

Catherine Legnetti (GSAS '10)

Judy Ciacci (CAS '08)


Meron Langsner (GSAS/Tisch '00)

Patricia Farrell (GSAS '78)

Seth Apter (GSAS '85)

Donna Kenney (WSC '87)


Eileen Gunn (CAS '93)


Jay Hochberg (WSC '93)

Felix Lipov (CAS '01)


Jessica M. Stone (GSAS '99)


Lauren Grabelle (CAS '91)

Melissa Llarena (CAS '01)


Elizabeth Webber (CAS '08)


Marc Silbert (Heights, '73)


Laura Hunt Foti (WSC '78)


Sara Claro (CAS '12) 


Catherine Dold (GSAS '89)


Whitney Whiting (CAS '10)

Nicole Jala (CAS '02)

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