Friday, September 17, 2021

Rina Madhani (GLS '14), Co-founder & Executive Director of the Literary Organization Start Lighthouse

Rina working for Start Lighthouse

Start Lighthouse was founded by NYU alumni Rina Madhani (GLS '14), Tejas Vemparala (STERN '14) and Brittany Kramer (CAS '14) during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in response to widespread school and library closures. Start Lighthouse creates access through customized literacy kits, literacy programming with a racial justice lens, and monthly community workshops for family members and caregivers in the South Bronx.

Since launching, they have collected 5,186 brand-new books for our customized literacy kits, formed a partnership with Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez to scale their programming, and held a virtual decolonizing education hackathon that brought together 120 individuals nationally. Rina sat down with us to talk about her experiences at NYU and what motivated her to co-found Start Lighthouse.