Monday, July 12, 2021

An NYU Family: B. Seth Bryant (WSC '92, LAW '95), Goldie Bryant (CAS '95) and Levi Bryant (LS ’24)

B. Seth Bryant, Goldie Bryant and Levi Bryant
Goldie, Levi and B. Seth Bryant

Can you share the story of how you two met?

Seth: We met in the Fall of 1991 when I was a senior in CAS and she was a freshman - also in CAS. I went to a screening of a movie for NYU students, which might have been a Kid N’ Play movie, where I first saw my wife. I was immediately intrigued by this beautiful young woman. In that first encounter, I played it cool and remained reserved despite the instant attraction. 

I remember there was an incredible hip hop concert at the then Loeb Student Center that featured groups like Leaders of the New School with Busta Rhymes, Black Sheep, Cypress Hill and Naughty by Nature. These were the new faces of hip hop back then – now they’re old school. Goldie and I crossed paths at that concert a few weeks after the movie screening. Soon after that, my roommate, who was trying to date her sister – who was also a student at NYU, suggested that we take them out on a double date. I was all for it.

After a fun double date at the Angelika Film Center, Goldie and I started seeing each other regularly and have been together ever since. 

Goldie: We were different years, had different majors and we didn’t take any classes together. But we’d see each other at NYU student gatherings, Bobst Library, Washington Square Park and Coles gym – and that was key to our budding relationship.

The Bryant Family: their story continues