Friday, August 17, 2018

Spotlight on the Class of 2018

Students admitted to NYU's College of Arts and Science hold citizenship in over 100+ countries. We caught up with an international student, a first generation student, a transfer student, and a student who studied abroad, to find out about life post-graduation and their favorite memories of their time at NYU.

Calogero DiMaggio (CAS ’18)

Calogero DiMaggio (CAS ’18)

What did you study at NYU?

During my time at NYU, I majored in Biology on the Pre-Health track. I also minored in CAMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies) and Chemistry.

What is your favorite memory of your time at NYU?

Being a College Cohort Leader for CAS during my last two years at NYU was my favorite part of the NYU experience. Not only was I able to expand into another micro-community of great CAS students and amazing staff, but I also had the privilege of working with first year students as they transitioned to life at NYU and within New York City.

Can you tell us about your experience as a first generation college student?

At first, I definitely found it a bit difficult to transition to college classes with large lectures and weekly recitation sessions. However, by working with my TAs and professors, attending office hours, and forming study groups with classmates, I was able to adjust during my first year. After that, things became much easier and I found myself eager to get more from my college experience outside of the classroom. Heading into college I didn’t realize how important internships, clubs, and even on-campus jobs were. My advice to all first generation students is to ask for help when needed and each semester push yourself to continue to add extracurricular activities in order to enhance your college experience as much as possible.
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