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Alumni Mentor Jill Jichetti (CAS ’97, Gallatin ’01) and her Student Mentee Korey Caron (CAS ’19) Talk about the CAS Alumni Mentorship Program

Korey Caron
Photo Credit: Lauren Elizabeth Photography

Student Mentee Korey Caron (CAS ’19)

What are you studying and what are your professional goals?

I am a Dramatic Literature major with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology (BEMT) through Stern, Tisch, and Steinhardt. I learned about the BEMT program through the CAS cohort program.

I want to direct theater. I have been doing theater since elementary school, both on stage and backstage. I just had the opportunity to assistant direct “From up Here,” the CAS Theater spring production. It was written by NYU alumna Liz Flahive (Tisch ’02). I also co-founded a student club this year, Broke People Theater, with some of my classmates. We had our first festival in the fall and our second festival this spring. Next semester, we are planning to expand to three events.

Can you tell us about your experience having an alumni mentor this semester?

I am building a professional website for my capstone project and Jill has been giving me her input, as a director. She advised me to include a full production history and a resume, as well as photo content. I am excited to get involved in professional theater in New York, and she encouraged me to direct a fringe festival play before I graduate, if possible. Since she has prior experience directing in fringe festivals, she was able to give me specific advice.
Korey Caron: her story continues

What other advice did you get?

Jill encouraged me to connect with designers who could be future collaborators on projects. She also reassured me that I do not necessarily need to pursue a BFA in order to work as a director professionally. She spoke about specific challenges that female directors often face. There can be a stereotype that woman either only direct romantic comedies and female-centered stories, or they avoid those types of projects altogether. She advised me to instead work on material that speaks to me, regardless of gender stereotypes and systemic expectations.

Alumni Mentor Jill Jichetti (CAS ’97, Gallatin ’01)
Jill Jichetti
Photo Credit: Jill Jichetti, self-portrait

Can you tell us about your experience acting as a mentor this semester?

Korey was delightful. Her capstone project is about building an online presence for her directing career, so I was able to give her very specific advice about online content and presentation.

What other advice did you give your student mentee?

I shared advice about how to self-produce work for fringe festivals, which I have done in the past. I also encouraged Korey to think of her skill set as transferable. In my experience, marketing your skills is a very important element in building your career as a director and freelance artist.

Performance art in museums and gallery spaces tend to be contextualized in the art world, however students who study theater have skills that can easily transfer into other art forms and venues. I encouraged her to think outside of traditional theater spaces and career paths. There is no reason that she could not write comedy for television, for example, if that is her professional interest.

Can you tell us about your work?

I studied Dramatic Literature, Theatre History and Cinema at CAS. I was also in the Scholars Program, which was one of the key reasons I chose NYU and CAS. It was wonderful having the opportunity to travel and see theater globally and in NYC.

I received my first master’s degree at Gallatin, and I recently earned my second master’s degree at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Writing. I am a teacher and an interdisciplinary artist - writer, photographer, director, and the co-founder of a nonprofit theater company, the Lifeblood Theater Company. My family history helps contextualize my career path and art practice. My father works at the intersection of the computer industry and the entertainment industry, and I work in internet writing, specifically in how to make successful blog publications. My grandfather was a photographer in WWII.

Would you act as a mentor again in the future?

Yes, I really enjoyed being a mentor. I wish I'd had the experience of having a mentor when I was her age.

If you are an Arts and Science alumna/us interested in participating as an alumni mentor to current CAS students, please fill out this online form:

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