Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Iseult Conlin (CAS '09), named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, talks about Pioneering Electronic Trading Methods in a Changing Investment Landscape

Can you tell us about being a student at NYU?
Iseult Conlin

I had a wonderful experience at NYU. I enjoyed being in a larger city, having internship opportunities, and feeling like I wasn’t on a college campus every day. I studied Economics and Psychology, and I played basketball for a year. I was in the Presidential Honors Program for Economics, which was fantastic. I was also a Calculus tutor at the University Learning Center.

I had the chance to live all over the city in college dorms at Hayden, Palladium, and Cliff Street. I really liked all of the resources that NYU afforded me. Anything I wanted to do, I could explore. I also appreciated that NYU was so diverse and supportive of different perspectives. I felt like it was the first place where I could be completely myself. I valued how the students and the faculty supported and encouraged differences of opinion.
Iseult Conlin: her story continues

Friday, March 4, 2016

Spotlight on Recent Alumni

We caught up with three recent alumni who are starting careers in medicine, entrepreneurship and law.

David Osayande (CAS ’13)

What did you study at NYU?
David Osayande

I was a Chemistry major in the honors Chemistry program, and on the pre-med track. Going to medical school was something that I had always considered, but it wasn’t until sophomore year that I started to see it as a real possibility. A lot of that had to do with the HEOP program (Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program). It is a program designed to assist economically disadvantaged residents of New York State. The support system provided by the program really gave me the courage to pursue medicine.

What is your favorite memory of NYU?

I remember checking my first General Chemistry exam grade in the HEOP office during freshman year - I had failed miserably. I started sobbing, thinking, “This is it. All that my mom has worked for to give me this opportunity, I am just wasting it.” It made me reconsider any science-related field, much less medicine. One of the HEOP counselors, Anna Ortega Chavolla, (now Director of STEM for NYU’s Opportunity Programs) brought me into her office and comforted me. She gave me all kinds of advice about other students who had succeeded in the class that I could reach out to, and possible study strategies. It was a really powerful moment for me because it showed me that I had a family away from home.
David Osayande: his story continues