Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Listen Now: Hip-Hop: How Media Changed the Genre

(L to R: Martha Diaz, Sylvan Solloway, Jayson Rodriguez, and Frannie Kelley)
On Tuesday April 7, 2015, the College Alumni Association presented "Hip-Hop: How Media Changed The Genre," a panel discussion featuring
Martha Diaz (GAL MA '10), Founding Director, Hip-Hop Education Center, Frannie Kelley (GAL ’04), Editor, NPR Music, Jayson Rodriguez (GSAS ’05), Editorial Director, REVOLT T, and moderated by Sylvan Solloway, Journalist and Director of Career Services, Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. 

The event is now available to  listen to in its entirety using the player below or by clicking here (right click and save) to download it.