Monday, February 16, 2015

Advice for Working in the Non-Profit World

If you have ever wanted to work for a non-profit, but were unsure how to start, read on to gain some advice from Katie Letheren (CAS '10).

What did you study at NYU and how did your studies influence the work you do now?

I studied political science with a strong focus in journalism. My studies at NYU, and more specifically the teachers I had at NYU, taught me that through the rise of communications in the twenty-first century, coupled with the art of powerful storytelling, humans from all points of the globe can now feel more connected than ever to create the change in the world that needs to happen.

Monday, February 9, 2015

From NYU to the Silver Screen, Chance Kelly (WSC '90) Always Shines

Chance Kelly (right) plays Lt. Col. Jones in this scene
from American Sniper
Chance Kelly (WSC '90) currently appears in the Academy Award nominated film, American Sniper and can be seen in NBC's upcoming series, Aquarius. Listen to our interview with Chance using the player below or by clicking here.