Thursday, August 1, 2013

Author Profile: Paul Grenert (WSC '90)

Paul Grenert is a tennis player turned author from Montclair, NJ, known for his diverse and eclectic style of writing. Read our short Q&A below, and be sure to check out his books.

Were there any specific professors at NYU who had a particularly strong impact on your decision to be a writer?

There were not any specific professors at NYU whose influence I could say made me become a writer. But rather the whole English Literature Department led me enthusiastically in that direction.

You’ve written both adult novels and children’s books. How does the process differ when writing a children’s book?

The process of writing a children's book is much different. I wrote the two children's books on a whim. They are much more lighthearted and fun to write. They were inspired by my two cats: Lulu and Lux.

Your plots have been described as “wild” and “hair-raising.”What is the craziest plot line you have ever come up with?

I think that would be Ashes of X-Girlfriends: On a couple's wedding night, the bride demands that the groom must track down and kill all of his ex-girlfriends before the marriage is consummated. I won't give away what transpires...

Has your career in tennis played any influence on the direction of your writing?

When I didn't quite make it on the pro tour, I turned my energy to writing and teaching. Otherwise, some subject matter deals with tennis, though I have never written a novel only about tennis.

Do you have anything in the works?

I'm currently polishing a new novel called Cats & Co. The protagonist is a cat with slightly misanthropic tendencies.

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