Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Charlotte & Lisa: Designer Scarves

We're excited to be launching the newly redesigned NYU Arts and Science Alumni Blog. We have an exciting lineup of interviews scheduled over the coming months and we encourage any alumni, faculty, or students to contact us. Perhaps we'd like to feature you! For those of you who subscribe to our blog via email from now until February 8th, you will be entered to win a pair of AMC movie passes. We'll be giving tickets away each day next week so be sure to sign up today!

Charlotte Beecham (CAS '11) and Lisa George (CAS '11) visited our A&S Studio to talk to us about their time at NYU and their journey in the fashion industry. Their designs can be found at Bloomingdales and other stores worldwide. We encourage you to check out their website for more information at

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two events you wont want to miss in Febuary

Event #1 is a conversation with Reverend Al Sharpton. Join the NYU community as we listen to the critical perspectives of several guests as they present their views and ideas and engage in dialogue surrounding the costs of failing to realize the dreams that Dr. King articulated fifty years ago.

Reverend Al Sharpton will be joined by Michaela Angela Davis, Dr. Shankar Prasad and others.

The NYU MLK Jr. Humanitarian Award will also be presented to Young Alumna Trustee, Natalie Holder-Winfield (Steinhardt ‘97).

Event #2 is a College Alumni Association Pot-Luck! There will be food, friends, wine and more food. Don't miss this opportunity to reunite with old friends, meet new ones, and show off your cooking skills (if you choose to).

The cost to attend is your choice: bring a homemade dish or bring a nonperishable to be donated. RSVP to Paul Snatchko at or 412-722-2907 and RSVP on Facebook!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Student Edward Radzivilovskiy Interviews Noam Chomsky and Others

edward_photo.jpg When his interview with Noam Chomsky was brought to our attention, we reached out to Liberal Studies student Edward Radzivilovsky to interview him about his current and upcoming projects. A great example of some of the fascinating things our students are working on. Be sure to visit Edward's website to see his articles, debates, and interviews  

Arts and Science Alumni Relations: When we interview students we always like to hear about some of the things they are working on/studying. Can you talk about your experience at NYU in Paris?  

Edward Radzivilovskiy: My freshman year of college in Paris was a unique experience. I had no prior exposure to the French language or culture, so almost everything I learned was new and exciting. With my studies, the faculty and staff at NYU in Paris were helpful and supportive. Most importantly, both the academic and social components of living in Paris challenged me intellectually. I often reflect on one particular assignment for a writing course I took with Professor Colleen Sharon Pearl. The assignment entailed writing an essay about the social construction of gender and sex, and the consequences of rigidly categorizing them. As part of the assignment, I cross-dressed as a woman on Halloween night in Paris (to my delightful surprise, Paris also celebrates Halloween!). That night, my friends and I paraded down the hip rue d'Oberkampf. I remember that a French man on the opposite side of the street took notice of me and intensely stared. He then ran over to me with an inquisitive gaze, and asked, “Are you doing this for fun, or what? I just need to know.” I was shocked at how this stranger so urgently needed an explanation for a perceived deviation of a social norm, even on a night such as Halloween. The experience provided me with a brief insight into the ongoing discrimination and ostracization of a certain minority group. Since then, I have been motivated to question and deconstruct the persistent dogmatisms found in our social and political environments, which often reinforce various kinds of oppression. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year, A New Dean

LaurenBenton.jpg Dean Lauren Benton was appointed in September as the new Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science after serving two years as Dean for the Humanities within the Faculty of Arts & Science and three years as the History Department Chair. Prior to NYU, Dean Benton held faculty appointments at Rutgers University, NJIT, the University of Washington, and M.I.T.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Dean Benton about what it's like to be a dean, her current research, the future of the Graduate School, and more.   

Arts & Science Alumni Relations: It must be exciting to go from Dean for the Humanities to Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science. What is your favorite part about being a dean?