Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Reproductive Rights Heroines are Called Sluts--Panel Discussion

bynoe.pngDon't miss what is sure to be an interesting conversation on Tuesday, April 3. The panel's full title is Why Reproductive Rights Heroines are Called Sluts: A Discussion on the War on Women, and it will be moderated by Jessica Bynoe (CAS '04, WAG '05), Executive Director of Variety of New York and Vice President of the NYU College Alumni Association Board. The discussion will hone in on major issues involving women's access to healthcare that have come into debate over the past few months. According to the panel's description, Funding for Planned Parenthood has been threatened, reproductive rights activists have been degraded in the media, and policies increasing women's access to birth control are under attack. Reproductive rights is one of many issues women still struggle with to gain equality in society and it is symptomatic of larger problems of discrimination and control. The fight for women's healthcare is entangled in issues of power and justice where women consistently find themselves on the losing side of the battle. To fully understand the war that is waging, we must explore women's health equity through the lenses of history, policy and medicine. gordon.jpg alvarado.jpgThe panel consists of two experts, Linda Gordon and Stephanie Alvarado. Linda Gordon is an NYU History professor, award-winning author who has focused her work on social policy debates and gender/family issues. Stephanie Alvarado is the National Field Organizer at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. She works to identify, build, and develop a diverse group of Latina leaders and activists that advocate for Reproductive Justice Issues at a local, state, and national levels. To RSVP for this panel discussion, please click here and follow the registration link. Should you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to contact our office at cas.alumni@nyu.edu or 212-998-6880.

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