Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rats Beware--Bobby the Hawk is Back

Bobby the hawk is back and ready to start a new family. With the best view of Washington Square Park, it wasn't difficult for him to find a new mate. And sure enough, less than a year after mourning the loss of Violet, his former lover, a new female raptor has entered the picture. The new hawk is named Rosie, and according to a bounty of online reports on the new couple, she is a resourceful hawk with an incredibly bold personality. hawks2.jpg For those who missed Bobby the hawk's 2011 debut, Bobby was discovered by President John Sexton when he began building a nest on the outside ledge of his office window. Soon after the nest was built, a camera was mounted upon the ledge called the "Hawk Cam," which provided live streaming of the hawks as they began to form a hawk family. The Hawk Cam became so popular that it attracted 1.7 million unique viewers from more than 200 countries and territories, and even experts like Dr. Colin Jerolmack, the NYU Professor who gave the birds their names. So be sure to stay tuned to the progress of Bobby and Rosie. We will keep you updated on the couple's major developments as they unfold via our Facebook Page.
Watch live streaming video from nytnestcam at livestream.com

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