Monday, January 9, 2012

Time recognizes Journalism students

Studio 20 is a master's level concentration program at the NYU Carter Journalism Institute. In collaboration with, they created a music video called, "My Water's on Fire Tonight," also well-known as "The Fracking Song."

The video portrays a well-planned, highly researched and unbiased report on the effects of fracking. With over 220,000 views on Youtube and quite the catchy tune, the video has been well received by viewers, and has even been named by Time as the second most creative video of 2011! That is quite an accomplishment.

So if you want the quick lowdown, cliffs notes version of "what exactly is fracking?" be sure to watch the video and share with your friends. However, one word of caution: once you watch, you may be whistling the tune for hours thereafter.

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