Friday, September 10, 2010

Interpol Releases New Album

interpol2010.pngInterpol’s new self-titled album was released on September 7 to critical acclaim. Founded in 1997 by three NYU students, Daniel Kessler (GAL ‘97), Paul Banks (CAS ‘00), and Carlos Dengler (CAS ‘99), as well as non-NYU student Paul Fogarino, Interpol has recently undergone some changes - Carlos Dengler has recently left the group to pursue other projects. This new album, however, is a return to the original sound of their 2002 debut, Turn On the Bright Lights. Though some are concerned about Dengler’s departure, the band is moving on, touring with the addition of David Pajo of Slint on bass and Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines on keyboards. Paul Banks, in a recent New York Magazine article addressed this change and how it has yet to affect their tour:
“We can hold our own, there is no weak link, and if there were, it wouldn’t work,” says Banks. “That’s what defines us.”

For the entire New York Magazine article, click here. For more information on Interpol and their new album and tour, check out Interpol’s official website.

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