Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Washington Square Park Facelift


Many NYU alumni, students and faculty came outside yesterday to admire the newly revealed fountain and renovated section of >Washington Square Park.

From the >NYC Department of Parks and Recreation:
The first phase of the Washington Square Park reconstruction, which began December 10, 2007, covered the northwest quadrant and the central plaza. The improvements include new and expanded lawns and planting beds, the relocation and conservation of the fountain, conservation of the Alexander Holley Monument, repaved paths, new benches, lighting, and more. The fountain was completely rebuilt and restored in its previous dimensions and is now the focal point of a large central plaza, rebuilt on one level to make it accessible. The shifting of the fountain helped make possible an approximately 20 percent increase in unpaved green space in the park. The new lawns abutting the plaza are for passive recreation. This phase of construction was formally opened May 26, 2009 with a community celebration.

Here's what is included in the second phase of the Park reconstruction:
Restored landscaping, plantings, and flower beds replacing excess asphalt in the remaining northeast, southeast, and southwest quadrants. The northeast playground will be upgraded, and a new play area in the southwest section will incorporate the "mounds," rebuilt slightly below grade to improve sightlines and minimize their impact on the park landscape, and covered with carpet-style synthetic turf for safety. A new performance stage will be built, the dog runs will be relocated and expanded, the Giuseppe Garibaldi Monument will be conserved and relocated, the petanque courts will be reconstructed, the paths will be repaved, and new lighting and fences will be added.

If you are in the neighborhood, we hope you'll stop by to see the Park and stop by for a visit with us!

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