Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grizzly Bear


Keep your eye on the band Grizzly Bear, because you'll be seeing and hearing more about them in the coming months. All four members of Grizzly Bear attended New York University: Ed Droste, Chris Taylor, Chris Bear, and Daniel Rossen.

From New York Magazine:
The band’s first album, 2004’s Horn of Plenty, came out at a moment when it was good to be weird and from Brooklyn. Fans hooked on the defiant inscrutability of Animal Collective or the dense soundscapes of TV on the Radio were quick to embrace a similarly adventurous but more intimate sound. By the time they released Yellow House, in 2006, Grizzly Bear’s first album with all four current members, it became clear they were not just the latest quirky collective. Their songs had the egghead production of art-school bands like Talking Heads and the complex vocal harmonies of a Baroque choir but were driven by irresistibly sweet pop melodies. Their third album, Veckatimest, out later this month, perfects this hybrid. In the same way that the band members themselves exude a beguiling purity of spirit—they’re cheerful yuppie nerds, not brooding hipsters—so does Veckatimest exude a basic human warmth that is deeply seductive.

Be sure to read the complete article about Grizzly Bear in New York Magazine.

For more information on Grizzly Bear visit their website at http://www.grizzly-bear.net/

We'll leave you with a music video for their song, "Fix It"

Grizzly Bear Video - "Fix It" - The funniest home videos are here


  1. Grizzly Bear one of my favorite band.

  2. hi my name is Rachael and edward the lead singer is my cousin and cool website


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