Thursday, April 9, 2009

Interrupcion Fair Trade Founder Rafael Goldberg (CAS '03)


Today we're continuing celebrating some wonderful NYU Alumni Social Entrepreneurs. Today's featured alumnus is Rafael Goldberg who, along with Rachel Sterne, has been named one of

America's most promising social entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek.

Interrupcion works with some 250 family-owned farms and 2,400 rural workers to make sure they are getting livable wages and access to health care and education. In order to do that, the company charges what it calls a "social premium" on every item it sells—products that include Patagonia cherries, organic olive oil, and wildflower honey. Interrupcion sells its products to supermarkets like the Food Emporium and Whole Foods (WFMI) among others.

For more information please visit Interrupcion

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