Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suketu Mehta's Maximum City: Bombay Lost And Found


With Slumdog Millionaire up for 10 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Danny Boyle is the talk of the town these days. In a recent interview, Mr. Boyle praised Suketu Mehta's ('84 WSC) book, Maximum City, saying "It gives you a wonderful perspective on the city and that was sort of our bible on the film because its got everything in it."

'Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found,' won the Kiriyama Prize and the Hutch Crossword Award, and was a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize, the Lettre Ulysses Prize, the BBC4 Samuel Johnson Prize, and the Guardian First Book Award.

Mehta is Associate Professor of Journalism at New York University. He is currently working on a nonfiction book about immigrants in contemporary New York, for which he was awarded a 2007 Guggenheim fellowship. He has also written an original screenplay for 'The Goddess,' a Merchant-Ivory film starring Tina Turner, and 'Mission Kashmir', a Bollywood movie.

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