Wednesday, February 4, 2009

North American Premiere, Messa di Voce

Experimental vocalist/composer Jaap Blonk performs in Messa di Voce. The bubble graphics are created in response to Blonk's sounds, and are projected (via a tracking system) so as to coincide with his head. Performance at Ultrasound 2003.

We are always looking to promote interesting events happening on campus. Here's something we think you might enjoy:

Electronic Music Foundation presents The Human Voice in a New World, a series of three live concerts exploring new levels of meaning and expressivity for the voice through technology.

In Messa di Voce ("Showplace for the Voice"), a performance produced in collaboration with NYU Interactive Arts Series, the vocal gyrations by Joan La Barbara and Jaap Blonk are radically “augmented” by cutting-edge interactive visualization and audio processing software. Addressing the question, “if we could see our speech, what might it look like,” Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman have devised a program that transforms every vocal nuance into correspondingly complex and highly expressive graphics. The visuals not only depict the singers’ voices, they also become an instrument that the performers can manipulate to control the acoustic playback of their voices.

Utterly wordless, yet profoundly verbal, Messa di Voce lies at the intersection of human and technological performance extremes, questioning the meaning and effects of speech sounds, speech acts, and the immersive environment of language.

Saturday, February 28, 7:30pm

David Moss: Voice Box Spectra (US premiere, English version world premiere)

Judson Church, 55 Washington Square South, NYC

Suggested Admission: $15/$10 for students and seniors

For more information, visit: or call (888)749-9998.

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  1. Very, very cool! I love experimental art that question the immersive landscape of language, communication and meaning. Is there anything that uses Enae Volare (the official fight music of Fedor Emelianenko.). It's an amazing musical piece, but I'm trying to find contemporary artists who have made use of this in their work.


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