Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frances Cole Jones (GSAS '90) Shows You How to Wow!


Do you want to learn how to wow? Ace that interview? Motivate your team? Deliver speeches that will bring people to their feet? Look no further, Frances Cole Jones will show you how to wow!

From her website:

Prior to founding Cole Media Management, Frances worked at St. Martin's Press, Viking Penguin, Doubleday, and Broadway Books as an editor of commercial nonfiction. The experience of helping authors translate their ideas into books that retained their unique voice is what makes her valuable to her clients. "There's no point in my writing a perfectly crafted sound bite that you have to strain to remember," Frances says. "You have to sound like you-you on your best day.

Frances has also written for Centurion and Executive Travel.

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  1. 'you must sound like you on your best day' powerful words. A friend Chris coleman ,PCS told me that when I told him that I have a book to write but I don't have the language for it.
    '' look also they dress like human, walk like men, mingle with us but they're devils at night' LEANORA THE WITCH.
    Frances your book is an inspiration


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