Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bill Hammons (CAS '97) For US Congress


Alumnus, Bill Hammons (CAS, '97) is running for US Congress.

William Robert "Bill" Hammons is a Unity Party of America 2008 candidate for Colorado's 2nd Congressional District, which is centered on the city of Boulder. He was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany on October 16, 1974 to a career Army officer and moved to the United States when he was three. He was raised in Odessa, Texas and graduated from New York University with a degree in English and American Literature before working in management at Newsweek Magazine for seven years (first as Newsweek's Rights and Permissions Manager, then as the magazine's Rights and Reprint Sales Manager).

Hammons helped found the Unity Party on November 4, 2004, a centrist organization spun off from a grassroots group supporting the defunct Presidential candidacy of Wes Clark. Hammons is the Chairman of that organization which has a membership in 23 states. He moved to Boulder in 2005, turned his personal website of wrhammons.com into a business, and declared for the United States Congress on November 29, 2007 as the first Unity Party Congressional candidate. He petitioned onto the November 2008 general election ballot with 899 voter signatures, and will be facing Democrat Jared Polis, Republican Scott Starin, and Green Party candidate J.A. Calhoun. As a result of Hammons' successful petition onto the ballot as a Unity Party candidate, the Unity Party is now officially recognized as a Qualified Political Organization by the State of Colorado, which means that the Unity Party is listed on the official Colorado voter registration form as a voter affiliation option (93 voters had affiliated with the Unity Party as of September 30, 2008). Hammons is also the Chairman of the Unity Party of Colorado.

Hammons supports, among other things, a Balanced Budget Amendment, Federal term limits, and global carbon emission licenses to combat global warming.
- Wikipedia

You can visit his official site by clicking here. Here's a link to a profile of Mr. Hammons where we learn among other things, that his favorite song is "Hero of the Day," by Metallica.

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