Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Travel The World With NYU

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I have mentioned the amazing NYU Travel Program before and I would like to start featuring an upcoming trip every week on this blog. The featured trip this week is... *drumroll*

France, Normandy and Brittany!!!

* Experience the charm and culture of two of France's most historic regions, Normandy and Brittany.
* Discover the magnificence of Paris.
* Visit beautiful Bayeux and view the ancient Bayeux Tapestry, which tells the story of the Norman conquest of England in 1066.
* Explore ancient Carnac and the prehistoric monuments that predate the Pyramids and Stonehenge.
* Discover delightful Dinan and St-Malo, two charming medieval towns on the Rance River. Take a cruise on the Rance between these two jewels of Brittany.
* See historic Chartres and view the magnificent cathedral.
* Enjoy a lecture series by local experts on regional history, people and culture.

So grab your adventure cap and join fellow alumni in September for this wonderful trip. Click here for details and be sure to mention that you read about it on this blog.

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