Monday, June 9, 2008

Patricia Field (WSC '63) - Sex and the City

If you have seen any episode of Sex and the City, then you have witnessed the amazing work of Patricia Field. Here's a blurb from her website:

Patricia Field is considered one of fashion's greatest visionaries: she is an Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning film and television Costume Designer and a boutique owner with her own clothing label. Patricia raised the standards for the world of television glamour when she costumed Sex and the City, the most fashionable show in television history. Critics praised her run with Sex and the City's stunning and always entertaining costuming, as it was a large part of the show's status as a cultural phenomenon. Fashion editors, socialites, and celebrities alike adopted Patricia's clothing and style philosophy and regularly sat front row at her House of Field fashion shows. She is a true pioneer, bringing forth a new style of dressing to American women, and through the media she has been able to stimulate an entire fashion movement throughout the world.

Patricia recently launched her new range of diet coke bottles and is currently working on numerous other projects. Here's a great clip that takes a look at Patricia's New York lifestyle:

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