Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do You Like Heavy Mental?

The Amygdaloids, a band made up of NYU scientists who know how to rock, will be lecturing and playing at the 92nd Street Y tonight. Here's a blurb from their website:

What do you get when you mix the son of a Louisiana butcher, a dome builder, a philosophy major, and an ex-Israeli solider? NYU scientists who play rock n' roll, of course. Joseph LeDoux, Daniela Schiller, and Nina Galbraith Curley are neuroscientists who study emotion and memory functions of the brain, and Tyler Volk is an environmental scientist who has also written about mind and brain. Their original songs are all about mental life and mental disorders (A Trace, Memory Pill, An Emotional Brain, Inside of Me, Mind-Body Problem, and so on). The Amygdaloids call their music "Heavy Mental".

So if you've got rock music on your brain, check out the Amygdaloids tonight:

The Amygdaloids

April, 3 2008 at 92d Steet Y
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, New York
Cost : $26 (20% discount with code DOUX)

The Amygdaloids are not rocket scientists but brain scientiests who rock-it. Hear a short lecture on emotion, memory and the brain by guitarists and vocalist Joseph LeDoux followed by songs (about love and life) inspired by the research. For a discount, use the code DOUX when contacting the Y.

There was a news conference that took place at NYU announcing the World Science Festival which will take place in May. New York University will be the epicenter, and the host of a daylong street fair on May 31.

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